Managing tools

Our tools are intended for the machining of wood-based materials. The tools have a recognised long service-life on condition that they are regularly cared for and handled and stored with care. Remember that all tools that are not handled correctly can be dangerous, both to you and your surroundings.

Arrival inspection

Always check that deliveries correspond with the order and are marked according to EN 847. If the goods have been damaged in transport, make a claim immediately to the freight company and contact us.


  1. When using and handling, all safety regulations for tools and machines must be followed. Handle the tools with care, the edges can be sharp.
  2. Make sure the tool’s and the machine’s clamping surfaces are clean before clamping. For shank tools, the clamping length must not be undercut.
  3. Check that the tool is suited to the machine in question. The tool must work within the number of revolutions stated on the tool.
  4. Make sure the tool rotates in the correct direction and that all tensioning screws are well tightened.
  5. The tools must be cleaned with a suitable cleaning agent.
  6. Mechanical cleaning is not permitted.
  7. Always store the tools in cleaned condition and well protected in a tool cabinet.
  8. Always machine using sharp tools!


If a tool is, or is suspected to be, damaged it must be taken out of use immediately and be inspected by a knowledgeable person. Service and maintenance must always be carried out by knowledgeable and trained personnel. Our advantageous service agreement gives you a quick and secure access to tools from leading manufacturers, but also the best service