Södra Timber Långasjö

One of the largest sawmills in the south of Sweden has entered into a close working arrangement with LSAB. From now on LSAB will be the one-stop supplier for the saw lines at Södra Timber in Långasjö, which is a genuine band sawmill.

The district of Långasjö lies along the ‘Emigrant Path’ and is just a stone’s throw from the area in which the famous author Vilhelm Moberg grew up. A Smålandic idyll with a lake, a church and a sawmill.

Every year the sawmill belonging to Södra Timber saws 275,000 cubic metres of spruce and planes the majority of the timber on site. The sawmill employs 122 people and is a major employer in and driving force for the region.

“Our staff are local,” says project manager Daniel Nolin, “so we play an important role within the community.”

Daniel, who normally works with technology and productivity, is currently acting as project manager for the construction and development of a new paintshop. Södra Timber is going to offer its customers a new product within painted panels.

“We see this as an element of our hard work to become more profitable and more attractive in the market,” explains Daniel. “Constant improvements within productivity and always trying to become more profitable and more efficient are absolutely key these days.”

Major investment and agreement in place with LSAB

Södra Timber has recently invested in its rough and heavy line, with the company upgrading the control system and refurbishing the line to form a straight feed line.

“We have 14 band saws that are run in three shifts from Sunday to Friday,” adds Daniel. “We change the blades once a day so it’s still full speed ahead here although the timber industry is not at its peak.”

Södra Timber has opted to work closely with LSAB, which has become its total supplier when it comes to saws.

“This arrangement covers all the different saw blades we need,” says Daniel. “To make the working relationship even smoother, one of Södra Timber’s grinders is employed by LSAB.”

Daniel reveals that LSAB also supplies the plants in Orrefors, Unnefors and Ramkvilla.

“We believe that LSAB possesses a great deal of technical expertise and provide quality that will help us become even better and more effective in the market.